About me!

Hi! I'm TeionLeeIRL! Most ppl call me Lee, but i've been given some fun names in the past. im not telling so good luck :3

pronounsany (They/He/She)
birth🍰 August 31st
Favourite VBspot open! convince me to like urs :)

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Misc Info

  • Taken by EsGiEl 💕 hi i see u ily

  • UTAU Voice provider

  • Studied Japanese, learning Toki Pona

  • AuDHD (wow who could've guessed)

  • Really fucking cold please help it's so cold why am i so cold this shoulntbe cold oh my god i am so cold

  • 5'7 i think . . i have no idea

  • Winning the IDGAF war

Commissions :3

Sometimes i do commissions!!

All prices are in USD!Please DM me either on Twitter or Discord to discuss! thank u :)

UST / Midi Creation Commissions

  • $4 per minute of the song (3 minute song would be $12)

  • + 1$ for every harmony track (per minute)

  • If the song has rap/speech, it will be tuned for you. small parts come with the base price, more complex/longer parts will add on to the price depending on complexity.

  • Tuning of non-rap/speech parts will not be included in the base price, if you wish for the ust to be tuned, please refer to the Tuning section of the this page! thank you


  • $3 per minute of the song! that's it no catches that arent mentioned above

  • I can tune well in a variety of languages, so don't hesitate to ask for one that isn't Japanese or English!
    I have 3 """main""" styles of tuning, i will use whichever one i feel suits the song most, all of these will cost the same

  • Professional Style - My main style of tuning, example can be found here.

  • Rough Style - For more emotional / powerful songs, example can be found here.

  • Realism Style - Mainly for covers of non-vsynth songs, example can be found here.

RVC Commissions

RVC Training

  • Small dataset (less than 10 minutes of data) - $10 per 100 Epochs

  • Larger dataset (more than 10 minutes of data) - $12 per 100 Epochs

  • Huge dataset (more than an hour of data) - $15 per 100 Epochs

RVC Batch Conversion

  • RVC to CV / CVVC UTAU - $2 per pitch

  • RVC to Arpasing / Delta Eng UTAU - $10 per pitch

  • RVC to VCCV Eng UTAU - $14 per pitch
    If you have a specific input voicebank, or a custom vb you want me to use as input, we can discuss a price!

Otoing Commissions

  • Isolated or Stringed CV Jpn - $3 per pitch

  • CVVC Jpn - $7 per pitch

  • Arpasing English - $15 per pitch
    Custom voicebank types and/or extras added on are okay! They might cost more dependent on complexity (Extra vowels and consonants, extra CCs). However, I must ask for you to provide a base oto for entirely custom voicebank types please thank u

UST / VSQX downloads

here's the page with all the project files i have available for download!Please credit TeionLeeIRL when using these files,
and link back to either this carrd, or my video.
Each cover can be accessed by clicking on the name of the song.
________________________For clarification, MiningSquirrel(and MiningSquirrel1) was my previous alias.
Please credit me only as TeionLeeIRL.

Downloads are in order of release